Sunday, October 24, 2010

reflections on getting older

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am feeling reflective.

I spent the afternoon with my mom at her assisted living apartment.

My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 8, 40-something years ago. She was an incredible knitter.

Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease about a year ago. It really wasn't a surprise--there were so many symptoms that made us know something was wrong. She moved into this assisted living place (she is still in the independent part) in January. It has been a wonderful change for her, and lately she has been trying to get back to some knitting projects. It is very difficult for her, and this afternoon I was reading each line of the directions for a mitten. She is still a skilled knitter, but following the directions is very hard.

While I was there the tornado sirens went off. We took the knitting into the bathroom and just hunkered down--me reading out each line with all the patience I could muster (at the same time I was texting my 16-year old to make sure he was somewhere safe) and her knitting.

The mitten came out beautiful, and I helped her cast on for the second one.