Sunday, February 20, 2011

I {heart} Utah

I spent Valentine's Weekend in Utah with my # 2 son and husband. On the way out of town my guys insisted on dropping me off at Blazing Needles before heading to the airport. The ladies there were so nice and I left with a new project (Rav link) for spring in Habu yarn, the latest copy of Knit Scene, buttons for a WIP, and a little prize for the library's Sit 'n Stitch program the next day.

We skied our hearts out with some of our family at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. I managed to forget my hat one day, but my son let me borrow his. He's just awesome like that. (I didn't know just how useful this hat would be when I knit it for him last year.)

Let me also tell you that my MIL runs the best B&B in the West. Her lunches are the tastiest on the mountain, because they are packed with love. We <3 Grandma B!